How to Choose the Best Japanese Chefs Knives for Your Kitchen

Japanese chef knife is the best knife across the world and lots of mastery and skills goes into manufacturing of this type of knives. The cutting edges are manufactured from much harder steel and it is completely safe to use. This knife is favored amongst chefs because sharp blades cut, slice and chop without crushing, tearing and damaging the food. Different kinds of the Japanese kitchen knives are available such as

  • Santoku
  • Gyuto
  • Sashimi
  • Deba
  • Usuba

How to choose the best Japanese chef knives

If you are a newbie and never bought Japanese chefs knives then you must learn about certain things such as type of steel, handle, layers, usage and so on. It is made from layers of the steel and based on local traditions and culture of manufacturing blacksmith, it has layers anywhere between 2 and 33. Gyuto is all purpose knives and it is equivalent to the traditional chef knife in American and European culture. Deba is widely used in preparation and cleaning of fish. Utility knife could be mostly used knives in most kitchens. Santoku is general purpose kitchen knife along with similar appearance to cook knife. Nakiri is the traditional vegetable knife which is designed to rhythmic chopping and full strokes. Harder steel is sharpened to more acute angle which makes slicing more effective. The main difference between Japanese and western knife is that hardness.  Basically Japanese chefs knives are harder which can provide many advantages over softer knives. It could be built lighter and thinner when compared to its counterpart. Tang refers to way blade is attached to handle. Handles of the Japanese knives are made of the wood which might not become slippery. Cladding refers to the knife that has been wrapped.

Majority of the Japanese knives come with the dual edges and if you are buying this knife in online then you must concern about certain things such as bevel, cladding, handle, size, tang and cost. Three things you must concern while choosing the knife such as light, thin and sharp. Profile is what knife looks like from side. French is having more gradual belly and larger flat spot. It comes with many sizes, shape, finishes, handle material and steel options so you can pick best one as per your needs. If you are doing some research in online then you might find out the best knife.