Introduction to Online Gaming Servers

In the year 2001, a Korean gaming company created the MU online. There are different classes and they are eight in number and the players have to create a character among these. They set their foot on the MU. Players need to fight the monsters which are called the mobs and because of this the experience will be gained and thus finally levelling up will be done. This MU has been populated by monsters in a very large variety from simple ones to the frightening ones. These simple ones are termed as the golems and goblins and the frightening ones are termed as kundun, gorgon and selupan. Each and every monster type is different and unique and there are variety of drops and the spawn points. Mu online private server is many in number which are different and there is also choice to choose among them.

The game play

PvP fighting is possible outside of a duel but this is been discouraged. When a player will attach the other player, a system is activated, and it is called the self defence system and the player who is attacked may kill the aggressor within some time that means a time limit is set. Self-defence is also getting activated. This happens when a player will attack a creature which is Elf is summoned. During the game play, outlaws also have disadvantages. This will depend on their level of the outlaw.

The choice of players

At the game start there is choice for the players to choose among the different and unique character classes. They are the Elf, Dark Knight, Magic Gladiator, Dark Wizard, Dark lord as they progress. In order to use three more-character classes, character cards can be purchased like rage fighter, Grow lancer and the Summoner. Specific powers and items are there for each and very class. Transformation in themselves can happen into the stronger classes when character level up and complete the quests. Each and every progressive class change gain access to new spells, change the grants, weapons, skills, wings and also associate appearance change.

MMO games

Most of the MMO games there are characters in the MU can be used for many various kinds of magic and the special abilities. Each and every character will have its own set of some weapons and spells may be enchanted in order for providing the character with a spell specific. Casting the spell will cost the magic point termed as the MP and also AG. This is also called the stamina.