Dog Food

Top reasons for choosing the low protein dog foods

Low protein options for you dog can be highly nutritious and tasty for your pet.

Similar to the humans, the dogs also needs to eat the highly balanced and also healthy diet to have long life and well being. Most of the food and health experts consider protein as the most significant macro nutrient when it comes to the dog’s diet. If your pet is suffering from any of the chronic conditions, the higher amount of protein will not be fair at all. In this situation, the pet owners are looking to choose the low protein dog food that makes sure improving the overall health.

Low protein foods for dogs:

When you have an adult dog, its diet must contain minimum of 18 % protein content according to the pet health association. If you are going to the commercial dog foods, they contain 25 % of protein which will not be suitable for all types of dogs. In order to solve all of these situations, it is better going to the specialized low protein food products available currently in the market.

Based on the different medical conditions of your dogs, the low protein foods are highly beneficial to solve the liver diseases, kidney diseases and all other health problems. It helps reducing the overall workload of the organs and improves the metabolism of your pet’s body. The low protein dog food also helps preventing the dogs from losing the protein which it is already ingesting. Most of the studies on the dog’s foods show that having limitations on the amount of the protein in the dog’s diet will also limit the amount of protein lost by their kidneys. (more…)